Image credits: Grenå Museum, Museum Østjylland


Workshop 1

24 – 26 September 2018
First steps into developing a Digital Audience Development Strategy
(DENMARK – Aarhus)

This module introduces and explores the basic principles of a ‘digital strategy’; what is it, and do we need it?

Organiser: Making Meaning Experience (MMEx) – Aarhus – Denmark

Particpants: museums with a rudimentary level of digital engagement, looking to gain better understanding of digital strategy.



Day 1 – EXPLORE:

  • Meet & greet with the different participants and introduction of the TRACES project and introduction of MMEX.
  • Workshop session 1: Do you need a digital strategy – and what is it?!Let’s try to answer some questions like:What is a digital presence?How do you brand yourself in a digital world?What is it the digital native expects from a visit to a museum
  • Workshop session 2:
    Let’s look at the issues you mentioned in your applications: how do we solve them?


At the end of Day 1, participants are expected to understand the basic principles of and different approaches to a digital strategy.


Day 2 – SHAPE:

  • Workshop session 3: User engagement and audience development via digital means: what does it mean?
  • Let’s hear from a small museum with excellent user engagement.
  • Workshop session 4: Discuss and present do’s and don’ts of digital engagement
    Brainstorm on current situation and ideal future situation.
  • Let’s hear about exhibition development process from idea to implementation.
  • Workshop session 5: Open discussion on different methods of digital engagement – Interactive technology, web communication, social media, content sharing and more – an opportunity for participants to share experiences
  • Group exercise: participants team up to work on reviewing and developing a digital strategy to enhance audience development in the museums – strategy needs, wants, and ‘nice to haves’


At the end of Day 2 participants are expected to have gained a better understanding of do’s and don’ts of digital approaches to audience development.


Day 3 – BUILD:

  • Workshop session 6: Hands-on exercise and continuing the creation of a future digital audience development strategy.
  • Extensive feedback rounds from experts, partners and other participants to rework, adjust and improve their first digital strategy plan.


At the end of the workshop participants will have had hands-on experience on how to develop a digital strategy and are expected to better understand how to use digital means to enhance user engagement.


Workshop 2


Workshop 3